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To empower local communities,  Maniapure Foundation aims to boost the commercialization of selected cultural products of local indigenous artisans. The foundation seeks to preserve cultural heritage while helping to promote their social and economic development. 


This activity fosters a participatory initiative with indigenous communities to provide a sustainable endowment of medical resources. All proceeds are directly channeled to improve the community’s livelihoods, with a particular focus on medical services.


1. Guapas - US$30

Suggested donation:

+ Shipping

Flat baskets with different type of colors and patterns. They can have an oval or circle shape. 

2. Cestas - US$23

Suggested donation:

+ Shipping

Basket three to six inches deep with different color patterns and patterns. They can be squared shaped or rounded.

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3. Carteras - US$27

+ Shipping

It's a purse made out of palm tree leafs with different colors and patterns. They can come with decoration jewelry which is also made by the same indigenous people. 

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Maniapure Foundation works to improve the quality of life of those indigenous and creole people that live in remote areas of Southern Venezuela


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